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New guild site, new things to explore

Well, as you have probarbly noticed, i've based this page on the old one but checking the options and with a lot of thinking I've added widgets and achievements...Yes, Achievements !!

Since i'm not really used to make long writings or speeches, I am going to conclude thanking all of you, guilds/mates/friends, for staying in this guild and allowing me to keep in. Enjoy this site! 

1. No hacking/exploiting/insulting/ksing
2. No BEGGING, earn your levels and gear
3. GRB participation is required
4. After GRB you have right to choose one item from gh/wh
5. After GRB also random stuff drops in guild house
6. Live long and prosper

If you dont respect this rules you will be banned AND kicked from guildSmiley
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Locate that spot #2

UMDie, Sep 18, 11 1:18 PM.
Prize is 10 sonics...stack from last pic :( im sorry.. until u find one i wont increase prize


UMDie, Sep 7, 11 11:07 AM.
I'd like to launch an event..."Locate that spot!" (if Twister lets me )

A pic will be uploaded to the main page, and you will have to comment where you think that pic has been taken. Winner will be awarded something i dont still know, probarbly stuff or lapises lv7 [depending on how difficult it is].

It's just an idea and it isnt ready yet, (i also have to get the guild leader aproval ) soo maybe its never going to happen
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